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A selection of acrylics on paper and canvas

steve cross, crying lynx
Acrylic on paper
27cm x 15cm
Blue Bird. 2010
Acrylic on paper
27cm x 15cm
Table of worms. 2012
Acrylic on old vynal table top
20cm x 20cm
Red bird
Acrylic on paper
Green owl
Acrylic on American postal paper
Snake eating bird. 2009
Acrylic on paper
45cm x 37cm
Netted Pelican
Acrylic on gesso board
Netted Pelican (detail)
Acrylic on board
Acrylic on paper
Writer, Clare Rigden
Acrylic on 104 year old italian poetry paper
Children's book illustrator, Karen Blair
Acrylic/prismacolour pencil on paper
Acrylic on gesso moleskin paper
steve cross, painting
Acrylic on canvas
130cm x 130cm